ShaveLove Shaving Soap

Don't hate the shave.

Come on ladies, it's time to come clean. When you're shaving, it's because you want razor bumps, skin irritation, shaving nicks, razor burn, and sexy band-aid legs, right? Right. Who needs lovely smooth healthy skin when you could peel off slices of your ankle and track blood around the house in your frantic search for a bandage? (True story.)

Okay, that was a trick question. The right answer was "lovely smooth healthy skin", and with our ShaveLove Shaving soaps you get exactly that. These soaps lather up like a frothy dream for maximum razor glide, stick around until rinsed clean, and won't irritate sensitive skin. You've never had aftershave smoothness like this before. Perfect for everywhere you want a close, clean shave.

And we do mean everywhere.

Also, they smell really good because we only make them in wildly delicious flirty scents.

Our heart bar is easy to hold on to in the tub or shower and is approximately 3.5 oz.