Deodorants : Natural, Vegan, Aluminum Free

After years of searching for an effective natural deodorant, I was disheartened by everything on the grocery shelves. Even the best selling alternatives didn't work for me. My criteria? I wanted an EFFECTIVE formulation that was free of aluminum and parabens. What's a girl to do? Make her own, I say!

Our deodorant is gentle, free of things you don't want on your body, and above all very effective! Goes on clear, dries quickly and doesn't stain your clothes.  It works by converting body odor enzymes into simple salts, leaving you odor-free without the use of aluminum or harsh bacteriacides commonly found in commercial preparations.

You know how you normally have to reapply natural deodorants after a few hours?
Not this one. It goes the distance with you and lasts all day.

Non-staining formula is also free of parabens and alcohol, and allows your body to do what it's meant to do. Yes, we're supposed to perspire. But now you can do it while remaining sweet, fresh and healthy.

Vegan friendly. 2.25 oz twist up deodorant tube in over 20 amazing scents!

Now available in these luscious fragrances, click the pics for scent descriptions.